My Tech Journey(25% of 2023)


The arrival of the new year brought new Opportunities. The willingness to explore the tech world filled with enthusiasm allowed me to get out of my shell and be more open to everything. That's where Learning in Public came into play.

Learning in Public

The year started with the excitement to learn and explore the tech world. So I started to explore Tech Twitter. Believe me or not I will not regret this decision. On tech Twitter, I started exploring and following amazing folks from whom I can learn and upskill.


I published my first blog sharing my journey then and that was the first time I shared my journey anywhere online. This is what Learning in public is where you learn and share your learning in public in the form of blogs or just posts, or threads on Twitter or any other social media platform.

Open Source

Contributing to an open-source project gave me confidence. I contributed to a project by EddieHub called Linkfree which was beginner friendly. The next project that I contributed to was ProjectsHut by Priyankar Pal where I made some mistakes while contributing but the maintainer Priyankar Pal himself was very humble and helped me to contribute.

Joining Communities

While you Learn in Public joining a community helps you to overcome your weakness and that is what I did. A few of the amazing communities I joined are the 4C community, EddieHub, CS Dojo Community, and Alchemy University. These communities host meetings on their discord channel on various topics involving the audience to interact.

Attending Virtual Events

I attended various such events on their discord channel which helped me to improve my social and communication skills. Being active in these communities helps. Here you meet amazing folks who will always help you. These communities host events that improve one's communication skills and help them to be more vocal.

Support from Connections

The tech Twitter has been a supportive side where I always got motivated will folks always backing me and helping me achieve my goals (#365daysofcode) where they supported me. The connections I made while learning and sharing in public are unique in their way.


Though I learnt less what I learned has added value to my skill set and I'm looking forward to growing with the folks I met and will meet during my journey.

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